Ikea, Jag Gor Mitt Arga Ansitke

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June 4, 2014 by kitcac

Ikea, I am Doing My Angry Face.

In order to avoid repeating the facts, here’s what I just said on your facebook page.  I don’t want to risk being ignored, so I thought I would “vent mit mjalte” on my little blog thing too.

SCS, the carpet people once got me very upset and I wrote a Christmas Carol about it.  Lots of people saw it and SCS were a little bit embarrassed.  But I finally got my carpet.

Dear Ikea,

Your website says “It’s important to start the day on a good foot. And that all starts with waking up in the perfect bed” so can you please explain why I have been sleeping on an (ikea) mattress on the floor for three nights, having been given the wrong bed, only to discover that you have once again sent the wrong bed?

We spent 47 mins on hold over the Bank Hol weekend. This is unacceptable but to then receive A DIFFERENT WRONG BED is enough to give me the rage. Why can’t you deliver and collect items at the same time? Why the need for people to be in for 2 x 2 hour slots to meet 2 vans? Why can’t you deliver the correct items? Why don’t you have more staff to answer the phone? Ring my husband when you see this message. Order reference 549468213.

You can tell I’m irked because I used capital letters and I really hate it when people make me use capital letters. And I didn’t even say “please ring my husband” when I am generally well-mannered.

And then I remembered some more stuff and I did some adding up too, which might be wrong, but whatever.


Can I also add that we had to wait so long to collect the wrong items in the first place that you had to give us meal vouchers!

Total time spent being fannied around:

Bank hol weekend, 3.5 hours in store and waiting (I went with a specific list but the warehouse needed rearranging so that the staff could to get to the wrong items)

1.5 hours constructing bed to discover your website dimensions are wrong

1hr phonecall with Mr Indifferent on Bank hol weekend

Further 30 mins phone call to pay additional sum for correct item – why didn’t Mr Indifferent ask for the payment?  Was it because he was indifferent?

30 mins dismantling wrong item (your website dimensions still haven’t been corrected by the way)

30 min trip by parents to meet collection van

30 min trip by parents to meet delivery van (yes, a different van, making exactly the same journey I guess?)  Kind of makes the whole “people and planet” thing look like a big fat fib… http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_GB/this-is-ikea/people-and-planet/index.html

What’s the point in having 550,000 solar panels on Ikea buildings when you require double the amount of journeys to deliver/collect all these wrong items?

30 mins hauling 111 kilograms of new items upstairs to find out they are wrong again.  Wow, that’s a lot of heavy incorrect items.

Eight and a half hours.

Over £1000 spent on Ikea furniture, plus van hire, plus petrol.

Plus a two hour round trip to actually get to fucking Ikea in the first place. 

And tonight (12 days later) we’re still sleeping on a mattress on the bedroom floor.

See what you did there Ikea?  You made me say the F word on the internet.  You made me a bad-word sayer.  This isn’t going too well.

Sort it out soon please.  My back hurts, what with all the sleeping on the floor and all the heavy incorrect items we’ve been moving up and down the stairs.

Don’t make me write a Christmas Carol about you.


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