Whiffery Whoo Wah

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October 5, 2013 by kitcac

Perfume advertisements. Pointless twaddley whiffery whoo wah if you ask me.

Roberto Cavalli.

Girl gets out of bed, gets dressed, goes for a walk. At no point does she shower or clean her teeth. Ergo, she smells like morning breath and bed sweat.

The Keira Knightley Chanel advert.

Girl doing errands wearing an all in one leather jumpsuit gets sniffed by a bloke. I worry she might smell like an old shoe.

The Nicole Kidman Chanel advert.

Does she get kidnapped by that bloke in the glasses or am I misremembering? She is kept isolated in a top floor flat for long enough that she’s in the papers. I would expect that most women in this situation might smell like urine, having wet themselves in fear. She then goes to a film premiere without us knowing if she’s showered, or had any form of counselling. Ergo, I suspect she might smell of wee and popcorn.


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