Is Racing On The Roads Safe?

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August 27, 2013 by kitcac

My letter-writing nemesis, Mr Dawson wrote to the Chorley Guardian some time ago to express concerns about the Olympic legacy of road cycle races.

Dear Chorley Guardian, Sorry, but I see danger in making our roads “safer” for road racing cyclists. Racing is the problem and conversely one might ask for safer roads for road racing motorists and motorbikes and then where would we be?

John Howard tried to allay his fears:

Dear Chorley Guardian, I appreciate the concerns raised by Joseph Dawson in today’s Chorley Guardian letters regarding racing on our roads.

However, I very much doubt that cyclists training for organised road races will pose the menace suggested by Mr Dawson.  These are serious athletes who dedicate their time to their sport and to tar them with the same brush as racing motorbikers is foolhardy.  There is no comparison to be made.  No one can pedal that fast!

I also recall that many years back, my wife Pat and I watched a documentary on the future of transport and it was suggested that advances such as hovertechnology may be only a few short years away, perhaps even as early as October 2015.  If this happens, then it is likely that motorists will no longer need to share the roads with bicycles and the risk of street races and games of chicken (which Mr Dawson seems to fear) will be consigned to history.

Kind regards, John Howard


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