Dog On Wheels

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August 27, 2013 by kitcac

Freecycle has been dull as ditchwater lately. There have been lots of people giving away rubble but not much else. I considered unsubscribing but boy oh boy I am glad I didn’t.

Wanted: Skateboard for my dog

I would like to train my dog Lenny to use a skateboard, he’s full of
energy and I think he’d be good at it. If anyone has an old skateboard
lying around I would really appreciate it. Don’t mind what kind as long
as it has 4 wheels. Can collect from Leyland or Chorley. Cheers.

Boy oh boy indeed!  I want to know these people and make our dogs hang out together, maybe even teach them to smoke pipes or something. Maybe they could reach out the hand/paw of friendship to the Chorley Chihuahua and go to skate parks as the three dog-amigos?

Of course, I contacted the freecycler and offered to buy the dog a skateboard, as one often does.  There were, however, strict conditions:

Dear Freecycler, I will buy your dog a skateboard if you also train it to wear sunglasses and do 180s.  If you don’t train it to do 180s I would expect a full refund of the cost of the skateboard. Regards, KITCAC.

Alas, Blue Kerr is unlikely to ever be friends with Lenny the Skateboarding Dog, nor are they likely to do tricks in the halfpipe together because my kind offer was politely declined. 

They had already bought the dog a skateboard and no longer needed a freebie. Gutted.


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