They’re Dreaming

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June 12, 2013 by kitcac

There is a fabulous Aussie film called The Castle which every person in the world should watch. It should be The Law.

Its about a family who turn the TV right down when they are eating their dinner. They have loads of cars and buy stuff from newspaper adverts. Basically they love reading the NotFree-cycle ads. There is one scene in particular that I often think about when I’m perusing Freecycle.

The son says “Dad, someone’s selling jousting sticks!”

“How much son?”

“Twenty five bucks.”

Dad says, aghast, “They’re dreaming!”

Tonight I imagined that family reading the ad that said “WANTED: Spear and electric pump” and I also thought WTF? What sort of contraption are they planning on building?

But I have to admit that an electric-pump-propelled-spear trumps jousting sticks, every single time. That would be like Robot Wars meets Mike the Knight. Total carnage. All the best to everyone involved in advance!


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