Parallel Universe

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June 2, 2013 by kitcac

This thing that’s going on, it looks like my life, it sounds like my life but I’m not really sure if it is my life. The evidence is building up that I have slipped into a parallel universe, or even a Source Code (oooh, that would be weird). It might be a bit like The Matrix but I’ve never seen that so I really can’t be sure if I’m in The Matrix.

I’ve seen Sliding Doors. Good film by that bloke who was in Bread. He was Aveline’s brother and used to drive his mum across the road. FYI do not watch Sliding Doors with someone who missed the beginning.

“Is she the one who got on the train?”

“Didn’t she have short hair a minute ago?”

“Wasn’t she seeing that Scottish bloke?”

“Is she the one who got on the train?”

Oh my life, its like being trapped in the seven circles of hell. Now that I got that off my chest, lets get back to me.

Weird things that have happened to me this week:

1.  I purchased a heated laundry airer. For reals.
2.  I discovered that someone has been taking huge bites out of the toilet paper.
3.  I very nearly purchased a solar-powered blue tit.

I am sure you’ll agree its all very worrying. I’m relatively sure I’m not eating the bog roll.  Are there solar-powered blue tits in The Matrix?


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