Hungry Dirty Unkempt Transport Manager

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May 10, 2013 by kitcac


Apart from my amazing pink rollerskates, which were awesome, I chuffing hate pink. I gave away my pink highlighter at work today because I felt I wouldn’t be able to take myself seriously if I used it.

Wilkinsons has a real thing about pink shizzle. For girls only, obviously.

Boys can play with all the different types of transport you could imagine, but the girls don’t need to worry about that nonsense. Surely they’ll be chauffeured? Or only drive something “fab and funky”…with stars on, grrr!

The girls section winds me up. Not just because of the domestication of girls but because my boy, my sweet chubby little JWop, might grow up thinking that he can’t do the things the marketing people are saying is “girls’ stuff”.

1. He can’t feed a baby or change a nappy. Even though his Dad does both, as does his Opa, as does his Grandad.

2. He can’t style hair, or if he does it is with a pink glittery hairdryer. Are you telling me that my boy cannot be Creative Director of Vidal Sassoon? Eh? Are you? If he wants to he can, thank you kindly!

3. He can’t work in a shop, because tills are for girls! Pah! I went in three shops today, all male cashiers. I just don’t understand the thinking behind this. Was there any thinking involved?

4. He can’t play with food ffs! Kitchens are for girls! Er hello Wilkinsons, where have you been since the days when us wimmins stopped wearing pinnies and roasting stuff for our husbands?

5. Weirdly, the bathroom is now the domain of girls only. This one baffles me beyond bafflement. Stavros spends more time than anyone in the bathroom. JWop will make a dash for the bath as soon as he’s upstairs, as if he’s saying “get me in my organic lavender bubble bath Mama and PAMPER ME!”

He doesn’t know that its some own brand bubble bath of course, but you get the gist.  The boy likes a soak.  JWop also likes to look in the toilet bowl, which is gross but entirely irrelevant to this particular rant.

So in summary, Wilkinson say its ok for JWop to play at being some sort of transport logistics manager, but its not ok for him to eat, cook, wash, nurture or engage in shopping related activities.

Righto, Wilko, thanks for that. Duly noted.


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