Baby Named After Car She Was Born In

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May 10, 2013 by kitcac

A baby girl has been given the middle name Zafira after being born on the back seat.  This is apparently news.

I don’t know why, because this has been going on for years.  There’s Kia and Mercedes and Porsche/Portia and Clio.  All really quite normal.  Not news at all.

But despite this, Stavros is now sitting shouting out car names to himself and laughing maniacally.

There’s the Italian names:

Punto, Corsa, Ferrari, Capri.  Those are all pretty cool names to be honest.

The relatively normal names:

Megane, Corsa, Cortina, Xsara, Panda (sounds like Amanda? Oh ok, maybe not Panda)

And then those names that you hear of that make you think, wow, that kid is going to need to be a superhero or a rockstar to pull that off:

Insignia, Jeep, Vectra, Jaguar and, erm, Kangoo?

If the Kerr Breeding Programme recommences, I would propose that we name the lucky little he/she “Jeep-Kangoo Kerr”, obviously a future winner of a Kerrang Award or a recipient of some serious therapy.


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