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May 8, 2013 by kitcac

I don’t subscribe to all of those “Like This Photo If You Love Your Child” things but I figured that I’d better set out for the sake of posterity how wonderful my boy is, as he celebrates his first birthday (ok, I admit it was weeks ago, but I’ve been busy and I feel compelled to write this).

JWop really is rather fabulous. Not just because he is the only Morning Person I know and not just because he thinks burps and trumps are funny. They are, aren’t they!

I love his hiccups. He would hiccup in utero. He’ll always be my baby, I tell him he will be my baby boy even when he’s 35 like his Dad, but when he hiccups I remember that was our thing, just me and him. Well, there was also the times he would do a bit of riverdancing in my Fifi but its not as poetic as our secret chirruping hiccups.

He brings out the best of the best in the wonderful people he is blessed to have in his life.

Stavros melts into a big man-marshmallow when they are together. I’ve seen some dads deal with their children using only exasperated noises (yes, soft play, I’m looking at you) but Stavros and JWop are as thick as thieves together. They both like bread a lot too.  He’s upstairs right now insisting on settling JWop, even though there is beer in the fridge up for grabs.  That’s fatherly commitment.

Mother Bear and Pappa Bear are beside themselves with love for him.  Dad makes funny “yeahhhhh” noises like Jackie Stallone when he talks to him and Mum ignores the no biscuits no cakes rule because, well, just because.  Don’t tell her, but I totally expected her to ignore the rule and I really don’t mind too much.

Stavros’ parents also adore his bones.  They can’t get enough of him.  You could dress up as Smurfs and dance the conga and they wouldn’t notice if JWop is in the room.  I like that!  I might do it, but what should I use to not stain my beautiful fayass?

His Auntie L is in love with him and her is in love with her too.  He especially likes being photographed, so those two are a match made in heaven, especially with Uncle Photo around (that is a cool name, but I made it up).

His Auntie Deirdre makes funny noises.  She does that anyway if I’m honest.  She does a pretty special honking noise that sounds not-human.  He likes that noise.  Uncle Pie is his BFF and they just sit nicely together, chilling.

His cousins are all girls, all older than him.  I reckon that he is going to know how to turn on the charm with them from the outset but they will have their eyes on him, working out how to blame JWop for all sorts.  One little cousin in particular, Little Miss, often messes up her room and when asked who did it she replies “JWop did it”.  I love that Little Miss!

His great-nan is one of his favourite people.  He lights up when he sees her.  He likes it when she takes his hand and counts his fingers, once in English and once in Dutch.  Then she does it over and all the time he sits there smiling and listening.  Its the best game ever when she does it.  When anyone else tries the finger counting game he just couldn’t give a hoot.  He might even bite you to get away.

He also likes to grab the handles of Nan’s wheelchair and shake her vigorously.  She is 90 years old.  I have had to scold him and say “stop shaking your Nan!” but that just makes it funnier and it doesn’t help that Nan finds it hilarious too.

Jwop, you little cute big fat boy, I bloomin love you.  You rock my socks off.

PS One day I will get round to giving you your first birthday present, which is still not wrapped and is still in the loft.  And I might give you your first Christmas present, which is still not wrapped and is still in the loft.  In the meantime, just carry on enjoying licking stuff – the whisk, the gravel in the garden and (vom) shopping trolleys at Asda.

Love you, my one good spud.


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