Rear View Mirror

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May 1, 2013 by kitcac

Yesterday, I had to pull over to let the woman behind me pass. I was on the verge of some sort of breakdown, I was shaking and distracted.

Seeing the car behind me in my rear view mirror was jangling my nerves. I had to stop the palpitations and pulling over to let the weirdo past was the only way I could get home without having a thrombosis. If I’d been wearing pearls, I would have been clutching them.

The woman driving the car behind me had, for some mental reason, decided not to remove her Pay and Display tickets properly. OM frickin G.

She hadn’t left the whole tickets, hell no. She left ripped portions of the tickets.


Who lives like that? Scratch the sticky ripped bit of the ticket off or leave the WHOLE ticket. The stickety rippety bits made my teeth itch and even thinking of it makes my scalp tingle. Do not do this sort of thing. Its weird and I’m sure if I googled for long enough I could find a study suggesting that she should be sectioned immediately.

Twenty two parking tickets is not right, its not funny and its not clever. Weird.


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