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April 25, 2013 by kitcac

Picture the scene…

Its 9.30pm on a Thursday night and you need a bagel with Dairylea. You look in The Place Where The Breadknife Lives. Nada.

You look in The Breadknife’s Holiday Home (the big spoons drawer), where it sometimes lives. Nope.

Then you see the huge pile of clean pots on the draining board and dread lands heavily in the pit of your stomach.  You just know it.  The breadknife is at the very bottom.  You are going to have to play Washing-Up-Jenga.

WUJ requires a steady hand and nerves of steel.  You have to dextrously handle large knives and glass chopping boards (which, in my opinion, should be banned because of that ear-clattering rattle it makes when you chop anything, its just wrong).

Eventually, you are able to slip your hand in under a frying pan which is balanced on a sieve which is balanced on a stack of dishes and TA DA! You have reached the breadknife.

Mission Dairylea Bagel:  Complete.

Just for your information, “The Place Where The Breadknife Lives” is the breadbin, obviously.

Do it.  Put your breadknife in your breadbin.  And let it live there.  Forever.  That way, you can outwit Scream-style intruders who will think you are reaching into the breadbin for a scotch pancake, not a whopping great knife.

And it will make your life so much easier.  I am so very wise.  You can thank me next time you have a toasted teacake.


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