Roll Up, Roll Up! Come To Cleveleys!

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April 22, 2013 by kitcac

As part of my 2013 Resolution to avoid Emeli Sande, I had to change radio stations twice today.

She was on Rock FM so I flicked to The Bay and she was haunting me again, so I flicked again and landed on Radio Lancashire. I hate to admit it, but I quite like it.

Today they talked about the NHS, the housing market and the topic on the tip of everyone’s tongues – Cleveleys Beach.  The news is that it failed in water quality tests and a group of volunteers has been cleaning the beach today. Hold the front page! It went like this (not word for word, obviously):

Question: So tell me, who helped with the clean up?
Answer: People from all walks of life, residents, elderly people and even toddlers from the local nursery.

All very gripping so far…

Question: I expect you found some horrors, didn’t you?
Answer: Oh yes, well we always find a few hypodermic needles that have either been used on the beach by addicts or washed up with the tide and we found two this year.

Toddlers? Needles?

Where do I sign up so that my child can take part next year? Hopefully by then he’ll have developed a decent pincer grip so he can grasp the not-pointy end of the needles.


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