A Strange Tail Tale

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April 13, 2013 by kitcac


Walking to the bus station today to meet Stavros, I walked past a grown man wearing fluffy grey cat ears. There was none of the giddiness you would associate with a tipsy fancy dress event, he was just mooching along wearing cat ears. As you do. Then zut alors! As he walked past I saw that he had a tail attached to the back of his jeans. I once saw Angelos Epithemiou wearing a silver jumpsuit with a fox tail attached but he was on stage in front of a sold out audience. This bloke was in Chorley town centre on a rainy Saturday. Gee whizz! And the girl he was with had a black and white tail attached to her pants?! She had a hood up so I wasn’t able to determine which animal’s ears she had on. I hope in my heart of hearts that she had huge floppy elephant ears on under that hoody. Now I am all for freedom of expression and this post should in no way be interpreted as a criticism of those wishing to express themselves via the medium of animal ears and animal tails but if you were going to wear synthetic bits of animals, wouldn’t you try to match your ears and tail? Why wear grey cat ears and an orange fox tail? It makes no sense as those two species are unlikely to breed in nature. In addition, it would make the style much more coherent if one were to use only one animal as fashion inspiration at a time. That is all I have to say on the subject.


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