Dear Overpriced Bakery


April 3, 2013 by kitcac

Dear [Name of Bakery],

On two occasions this week I have had the misfortune of being in traffic in front of your vehicles.

Your drivers seem very eager to deliver your wide range of pies and pastries, so much so that I have felt unnerved by the proximity of your vehicles to my rear end.

I can think of no reason why your vehicles would need to be driven so close to me, other than your drivers perhaps have an unnatural interest in the contents of my boot.

If knowing will stop them from threatening my behind, I can tell you right now what is in my boot:

1. Some spare screenwash from Halfords, suitable for up to -4 degrees.
2. An old towel for the dog to lie on. He is a cocker spaniel, in case your driver is bothered.
3. My vehicle breakdown information and a pen in case I need to exchange details in the event of an accident.

You will no doubt be impressed that I am prepared for all eventualities, including possible rear end shunts from vehicles owned by overpriced bakeries.

Kind regards,
John Howard


One thought on “Dear Overpriced Bakery

  1. kitcac says:

    From the bakery to Mr Howard:

    Dear Mr Howard

    I can only apologise that you have had cause to complain about one or possibly two of our driver’s getting too close to the back of your car.

    Tracking offending driver’s down is usually made easier with areas and registration numbers. In the absence of this information I will memo all of the driver’s requesting them to leave more space between vehicles.

    As part of my role is accidents and insurance it’s in my interest not to have more paper work to complete.

    I must say how impressed I was to see how well prepared your boot is, but I hope that one of our vehicles doesn’t run into it.

    Kind regards…

    Dear bakery – you are too classy (even though I will ignore the blatant misuse of apostrophes).

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