An Own Goal

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March 10, 2013 by kitcac

I was in very close proximity to the following conversation recently.

Setting the scene here, this was a conversation between two chaps who’d never met before.

Football Fan: “Do you like football?”

Non-Football Fan: “No, not really.”

FF: “What are you, some sort of gay boy?”

NFF: “Yeah, I am.”

FF: “Ha ha, I’m only joking!”

NFF: “I’m not. I’m gay.”

If I could draw a picture of people’s faces, I bloody well would. This might work… =-O

Really though, when did not liking football make someone homosexual?

I don’t like it because its boring and the players are poor role models and quite often have bad hair and naff taste in cars.

My dislike for football doesn’t mean I snog other birds. So why should that apply to men who aren’t interested in it?

Has this nonsense ever been proven by a scientific study with graphs and piecharts and other shizzle like spider diagrams?

Football is rubbish. Anyone who doesn’t like it just has good taste. FACT!


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