Wanted: Potato-Eating Bush Kangaroo

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March 1, 2013 by kitcac

Today has been a fun day filled with potato madness.

First of all, JWop had potato with his chicken and carrots for tea and we (I) sang the freshly composed Potato Song. It has to be performed in a deep voice and it goes like this:

Lovely lovely lovely
Lovely potato
Lovely lovely lovely
Lovely spud
Lovely lovely lovely
Lovely potato
We think potato
Is very good

I think you’ll agree that its worthy of an Ivor Novello Award, if not a Brit for Best Newcomer or some such shizzle.

To show his appreciation, JWop whacked the plate from my hand (I genuinely think he was trying to applaud), flinging food all over. It was in my hair, on the floor, on my feet. Everywhere. I had to send in the dog/vacuum cleaner. He appeared to enjoy it, but I didn’t sing to him so he wasn’t thrilled.

Then I decided, like the big smarty-pants I is, that I would cook a ton of potatoes to mash for the freezer. Honestly, if you saw the contents of my freezer you’d say “She’s strange”. So I put on two batches to boil up.

First batch: a great success.

Second batch: errr, yeah, I forgot about that batch. Some chocolate distracted me.

The whole house stinks. My eyes are still a bit stingy. Its near zero degrees outside and I have four windows open. Did I mention that the house stinks? And my pan… Oh my pan! Yet another pan to be filed in the “use this crunchy pan if you’re likely to burn stuff in it because the bottom is totally black already” drawer.

I am also disappointed to note that Blue Kerr decided, unlike Lassie and Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, that he didn’t give a shiny shit about whether the smoke that was filling the kitchen set off the alarm with his beloved Kitcac and JWop indoors.

Oh no, Blue Kerr was found sitting outside on the patio looking up at the kitchen window. In complete silence.

I think we need a pet Bush Kangaroo that is an effective guard-kangaroo, alerts us to danger/people stuck down wells and also makes himself available to eat discarded baby food from my dining room floor.

I am going to post a WANTED Ad on Freecycle.


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