Free To A Good Home: Pope Mural

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February 21, 2013 by kitcac

My email alerts have been going crazy today and it appears that there is a lot of activity on my 19th favourite website of all time, good old Freecycle.

A few absolute beauties have appeared for your viewing pleasure:

1.  OFFER:  Large heavy picture

No details about how large, how heavy or (quite importantly) what the picture might be of.  I am imagining that its a 25ft x 25ft oil painting of Pope Benedict the 16th that is being taken down in readiness for the new bloke moving in. It might look a bit like this…

Large Heavy Pictures

2.  WANTED:  Cake mixure and microvave.

Now is it just me or do you read that in a German accent? That’s their spelling, not mine, by the way.

And I would love to see what happens if you put a cake mixure in a microvave, even though I think she really wants a cake mixer.

3.  OFFER:  Toy.  Kids game.  New.

No prizes for guessing that this is the same lady giving away the large heavy picture of his Holiness.  As Nanny Debs on Nanny 911 would say “Use Your Words!”

God bless you Freecyclers, god bless you all.


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