These Things Happen In Threes


February 9, 2013 by kitcac

So far today, I have had two things happen to me that I didn’t expect:

1.  A certain someone vomited on the top of my head.

2.  A duck bit me.

Everyone knows that these things tend to happen in threes. It is one of the Laws of The Universe.

I am thinking about not leaving the house this afternoon, but given that item 1 above happened in my living room when I was sitting on the sofa, I know I am not safe anywhere.

However, if I avoid going out, then I also avoid being involved in any further incidents involving fowl, game or poultry.

Its a dilemma.


One thought on “These Things Happen In Threes

  1. kitcac says:

    It was like the video for Bingo Players ft Far East Movement. That duck was trying to kick my ass.

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