So Are You Going to Miami With Work?

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February 9, 2013 by kitcac

Every now and then along comes a message in your facebook inbox that starts “Hi there, pretty ladies” and you want to smash a Snack-A-Jack to pieces with your bare hands because it makes you so irrationally angry.

Firstly, I would never use the word “pretty” to describe myself and its a bit of a meh sort of thing to say to a grown up. I probably wouldn’t describe myself as a grown up either, but that’s by the by.

Secondly, you are then asked to put something mysterious on your facebook status that relates to your birthday or whether you’re single or what colour underwear you have on.  And this is supposed to raise awareness about various illnesses.

But not everyone understands what the heck is going on, so the whole “raising awareness” thing isn’t necessarily achieved.

Stavros asked me what it was all about so I told him about the raising awareness thing.  It was like having a conversation with a three year old, but that’s not the fault of my dear Stavros.

I told him it was related to knicker-colour or relationship status or some other shizzle.   “But why?”

To raise awareness of illnesses.  “But how?”

Well, people ask questions about it and then it turns out its to do with an illness or something.  “But why?”

And on and on and on. I don’t think he understands, but I can’t blame him because I don’t either.

I honestly can’t see the link with a random facebook status and eradicating diseases. You might as well “Like this Photo” for the difference it actually makes to those who are suffering.

I recently saw that someone I know (we’ll call her Suchabody) is “going to Miami for four months” or something like that.  It probably means she is having chips and beans for tea and is a Gemini. How does that make me aware of what illness I am meant to be aware of?

If I’m not in on the original message, I’m just going to think “Oh, that sounds nice, I wonder if she’ll go to see the Everglades?”

Other people obviously think like this too because someone commented on her status and it looked like this:

Suchabody is going to Miami for four months.

Person 1 says: Oh wow hun, that sounds fab! Are you going with work?

Person 2 says: Lucky you! Aren’t you going to miss your kids!?

So, as you can see, it raised a lot of awareness about an illness and saved hundreds of lives in the process.

Plus at least two people think that Suchabody is a jammy mare who has no problem in buggering off abroad and leaving her kids for four months.

Well done pretty ladies, well done.


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