England Football Manager 2013

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February 6, 2013 by kitcac

Apparently there was a football match on tonight. The Kerrs are oblivious. It isn’t in our orbit.

JWop had managed to switch the TV channel and then hid the remote control so we had Man Versus Food on in the background for over FOUR hours.

We should have just turned it off or manually changed the channels but that means walking six feet from the sofa. Fat chance!

So at bedtime we located the remote and briefly saw a bit about the football (soccer, whatever, who cares).

Stavros piped up “Who is the England manager now?”

This is a genuine question. I obviously do not have the answer. I am thinking its probably not Sven and its definitely not Ricky Tomlinson.

Is it that bloke with slightly wiry, slightly gingery hair?

PS I love that my husband doesn’t do football! Result!


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