Blackpool Two Sarnies Alert

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February 4, 2013 by kitcac

Stavros, JWop and I went to the Sealife Centre today. Its in Blackpool which to the uninitiated is a bit like Vegas. OK, I admit its nothing like Vegas.

As we parked the car, I announced to JWop “We’re here! Don’t be confused, its Blackpool, not Las Vegas!” and Stavros replied “Yes, if Las Vegas had been hit by a two sarnies of crapness”.

You read that right. He said “two sarnies” instead of tsunami.

I had taken a packed lunch and we each had two sarnies (one ham, one beef) but that was just a coincidence. Anyway, the tidal phenomenon will hereinafter be referred to as Two Sarnies.

JWop loved the Sealife Centre. He was mesmorised by the grumpy crabs and the rough-skinned starfish and the grouchy looking monkfish (lovely served with bacon). He liked watching the graceful rays glide eerily past and then flip upwards showing their ghostly grins.

The lazy sharks yawned and the plaice wriggled deeper into the sand, trying to get comfortable.

There were lots of flamboyant tropical fish and we decided (ok, I decided) that the ones with brown and white frilly fins were bridesmaids at the wedding of the two ugly eels. The bridesmaid fish made JWop snort as they bobbed past.

But the biggest giggle of the day was raised by something unexpected. JWop let out a raucous belly laugh every time he saw it.

Fifteen English pounds in entrance fees. Three English pounds in parking fees. A sixty mile round trip. SIXTY ENGLISH MILES!

Best bit and winner of the (totally invented) Fun Time Award 2013: the Sealife Centre leaflet.


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