Doris And Shirley Want Bunkbeds

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February 2, 2013 by kitcac

Today Stavros read a book to JWop that I didn’t realise we owned. I have no idea who bought it, or why…

Doris and Shirley are two elephant sisters who share a room and the crux of the story is, you guessed it, they get bunkbeds. Its a very bizarre storyline. What would possess someone to write a children’s story about waiting for a furniture delivery?

Stavros used a bit of poetic licence and Doris and Shirley ordered the bunkbeds from a certain carpet and sofa shop.

Poor little Doris and Shirley were waiting bladdy ages for the bunkbeds. They were told allsorts of excuses! The bunkbeds were in the warehouse ready to be delivered, but then they couldn’t find the bunkbeds and then when the delivery finally arrived it was only a pair of bladdy sunloungers!

Those poor elephants!

It was really quite a traumatic tale, filled with intensity and apprehension.  I feel that its far too stressful for children.  They shouldn’t have to know about the sort of problems we have to deal with in our adult lives.  Its making children grow up too quickly!  What are they doing to childhood?!

For the love of all that is holy, don’t tell them about messed up furniture deliveries!

I am going to write to the publishers and suggest that they put a disclaimer on the cover saying:

“Warning: Contains Adult Themes”.


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