Ah Lets Push It!

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February 1, 2013 by kitcac

P-P-Push it real good!

I just had a flashback to yesterday evening’s trip to Morrisons. I was chatting away to JWop inanely and gradually the chattering became chunnering and then the chunnering became song.

Oh shall we push the trolley to the vegetables? Lets push it to the yoghurts. Ah its down here to the spaghetti, ah lets push it!

But oh heck, by the time I had grabbed a few packs of spaghetti and leant over to put them in the trolley, well I was p-pushing it rrrrreeeeal good!

There might also have been a na na na na na ner na going on too. People averted their eyes.

Next time I might breakdance in the cereal aisle.


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