How Not To Fill An Awkward Silence


January 26, 2013 by kitcac

Stavros took Blue for a walk in the park early this morning. On the path ahead, he saw a lady drop her scarf so as he got to it he picked it up.

She’d walked a fair distance so, still holding the scarf in the crook of his arm, he put his fingers in his mouth (sheepfarmer-style) and loudly whistled to get her attention. Apparently he could smell some perfume from the scarf when he whistled.

The lady heard and waited for him to catch up.

He said “there’s your scarf” and she said “thanks very much” and then there was an awkward silence as they both stood looking at each other. So Stavros said:


Oh good heavens. Its a creepier version of “I carried a watermelon!”

And now Stavros keeps peeping his head around the door saying “it smells nice” in the voice of Smeagol. I can see this being the good deed that keeps on giving!


One thought on “How Not To Fill An Awkward Silence

  1. Joanne says:

    Haha “It smells nice”. I always use to end up saying weird things like that as well.

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