The Chorley Chihuahua


January 25, 2013 by kitcac

For a few years now I have felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I see the ghostly figure of the Chorley Chihuahua wandering the mean streets of Chorley, because I’m pretty sure no-one else can see it.

It trots along Park Road minding its own business and no-one bats an eye that there’s a little pooch gaily marching down the street on its own. It wanders through Astley Park in a very determined manner, but no-one else even looks at it. Even Blue Dog ignores it.

And if Blue Dog ignores the Chorley Chihuahua then surely the Chorley Chihuahua must be an apparition? If the Chorley Chihuahua was real, Blue would sniff its bum at the very least. But he ignores its bum.

But then, hark the herald angels, I only bloomin’ saw it when I had my phone with me! Perhaps I could prove its existence (or otherwise dun dun dunnnnnn) to the non-believers! Yes, I have mentioned the “Chorley Chihuahua” to a few people and they’ve all given me the sympathetic look you give to someone who is wearing tartan trousers and a bright pink ruffled top. I wasn’t actually wearing that as an outfit, that is just an example of the look that they gave me.

Admittedly, I did brick it a little bit when the Chorley Chihuahua didn’t show up on the first few photos, but then again I was running after it and not holding my hand steady.

But, here he or she is in all his or her glory:

2013-01-13 12.18.17

Ladies and gentleman, the Chorley Chihuahua is real! Maybe the Rivington Raccoon is real too? I can only dream!


3 thoughts on “The Chorley Chihuahua

  1. Lisa Benskin says:

    It looks like a cat!

  2. kitcac says:

    It has been identified via facebook. I am told that its name is Frank.

  3. carl wynne says:

    Not the most convincing photographic evidence malaud!

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