My 2013 New Year’s Resolution, Finally

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January 25, 2013 by kitcac

I am almost four weeks late in committing to a NYR, but I had a couple of hours to myself driving home in the snow tonight and I came up with a few.

It was a bit like that film Alive, where some of them re-assess their lives and stuff because they are stuck in the snow, but there wasn’t any cannibalism because I stopped at Asda and got some wine, yoghurt and three carrier bags full of bread that were reduced to 9p each. No idea where I am going to put it all.

Back to my original point: my 2013 resolution is to avoid Emile Sande.  You can do it too if you like.

Repeat after me:

“I am ridding my life of Emile Sande.  I am claiming back my self and I am claiming back my spirit!”

(I once watched Oprah and someone on it said something like that spirit thing).

I am sure Emile is a lovely person and that she is getting very rich from all of this exposure but she is quickly becoming my new Paul McCartney.  I would like to go one day without her wanting to look beneath my beautiful or telling me to reeeeead all abowd it.

I am sure that her PR people are very well paid but they might also be evil genuises employed by BBC Cymru.  They just must know that when I flick the switch on my radio from Rock FM because Emzy is on it, I am going to land on BBC Cymru.  I listened to people speaking in Welsh for ten minutes the other day before I realised that the coast was clear and Emile would be finished.

So in 2013, I am going to cleanse my life of Emile.  I will listen to Welsh radio instead.

And if she is on TV, I will watch people selling fleeces with wolves on them on QVC.  That is the plan.


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