I’m Not A Little Teapot


January 25, 2013 by kitcac

I am a great big chuffing teapot in the middle of Chorley town centre that Kitcac nearly skidded into tonight.

Chorley was gridlocked this evening. Some people have blamed the snow. Not me. I know the truth.

The people of Chorley cannot help themselves when it comes to having their photo next to stuff. Whether its a big wheel, a postbox or a seemingly purposeless teapot, Chorleians get their cameras out. I had planned to traipse into Chorley to take a photo of it so I know I wasn’t hallucinating, but my chum Kilt has saved me a job by proving other people can see it.


The teapot is not a mirage! At least I know other people can see it, unlike the Chorley Chihuahua….


3 thoughts on “I’m Not A Little Teapot

  1. Lisa Benskin says:

    I’m sorry, are you telling me that people in Chorley want to have their picture taken by a cardboard cut out of a teapot……WTF!? Why?

  2. kitcac says:

    What is the teapot for? Is it like the film Signs where a load of crop circles appear? I hope not!

  3. kitcac says:

    Its been about a week now and I am pleased to report that there have been no alien-invasion type goings on in Chorley.
    The teapots do not appear to be extra-terrestrial related.
    There is no imminent need to put on a tin foil hat.

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