Have You Experienced Any Vomiting?

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January 25, 2013 by kitcac

My day rang earlier.

He told me that I had to watch Great Night Out on ITV + 1 because there was a bloke on it who was trying to ask out a nurse but then he saw a clown and, being frightened to bejesus of clowns, he went hoooooooo and looked scared and they thought he was having a heart attack so they admitted him to hospital.

I suppose you had to be there.

It reminded me of the time I had to go to hospital having abdominal cramps in the very early stages of pregnancy.

The doctor asked me lots of questions, I gave the answers.

One question wasn’t answered in the straightforward answer he expected.  It was “have you experienced any vomiting?”

I explained to him, yes, I had thrown up the night before.

“Oh right, I see”, he said, frowning and scribbling in his notes.  “And when was that?”

“It was last night”, I replied.  “I was feeding the dog and I picked up his bowl in the back garden and there was a slug on it.  I accidentally touched the slug and it was gross and then I threw up”.

I didn’t see what happened next but I think he probably crossed out his scribblings and wrote “mental slug-hater”.


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