Helter Skelter

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January 22, 2013 by kitcac

Starting work thirty minutes after everyone else is great.

Finishing work thirty minutes before everyone else is also great.

Spending 15 minutes wandering around a multi-storey car park looking for where you parked your car is not so great.  That’s what I did today, oh yeah.

I also got the lift to the very top of the carpark (in order to carry out a gridsearch for my vehicle) but forgot that the top level is roofless and is therefore an icerink.

In order to get to the ice-free promised land that was level 4, I had to skid Bambi-style over a huge patch of ice (on foot at this stage, obviously) that had been cordoned off by the carpark staff for safety. They obviously didn’t think about big eejits losing their cars and having to helter-skelter from the top looking for a non-descript black car. I narrowly missed some traffic cones. Yes I could have got the lift down a level but then I would have to walk uphill in the carpark to start my search at the top. That would be an effort.

It was all very dramatic. I am going to write to all the major TV channels and suggest that this could be a fantastic format for a new TV show. Total Wipeout meets, erm, well, a programme where people can’t find their cars. Tune in soon.


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