You’ve Got A Lovely Big Boy


January 11, 2013 by kitcac

I was in Morrisons today with JWop and a lady from South East Asia decided to talk to me. In hindsight, when I was asking 8 month old JWop his opinion on Chardy v Pinot, she might have thought I was speaking to her.

She told me everything about herself that there was to know. She was a very nice lady and I think it was probably me who started the mix up by talking loudly to a baby who just wasn’t going to reply to me. She was very kind and said lovely things about JWop who is a big chubby chobster of a boy.

But then it reached the awkward stage where you’re both trying to leave and the other keeps having a go at saying the last word to be polite.

You know, one of you says “oh you’ve got a lovely big boy” and you say “thanks, that’s very kind of you, have a good weekend, its going to be a cold one, bye” and then they say “oh I don’t mind the cold, its too hot in South East Asia” and then you say “oh I bet it is, have a nice weekend, bye” and then they say “yes, you’ve got a lovely big boy” and so the polite cycle of niceness continues until you both die 376 years later in the wine aisle of Morrisons, with fixed grins on your aged faces.

I tried to recount this tale to Stavros tonight but he missed the beginning part. The beginning part is usually quite crucial to the tale. He was standing in the lounge facing me as I explained yada yada yada Morrisons yada yada wine aisle yada talking to a lady yada yada yada.

It became evident that he only started listening when I said “oh you’ve got a lovely big boy”. Because at this stage he looked down and checked if he’d zipped his flies up.


One thought on “You’ve Got A Lovely Big Boy

  1. Sarah says:

    Now that just made me LOL at work!! Ah, I needed a good laugh! xoxo

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