Once I Caught A Fish Alive

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January 11, 2013 by kitcac

Stavros is upstairs putting JWop to bed. Its very cute to listen to, especially Stavros’ choice of “lullaby”. Note the quotation marks…

Me, I sing the chorus of Goldfrapp’s Rocket over and over.

Oh oh oh, I’ve got a rocket. Oh oh oh, you’re going on it. Oh oh oh, I’ve got a rocket etc etc etc.  I don’t sing the last line of the chorus because that would be weird. Instead, I replace it with Oh oh oh la la la la la la.

Tis ever so catchy!

Stavros sings “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught A Fish Alive”.

However, it isn’t like listening to the well known nursery rhyme, oh no. Its like listening to someone do their own version of a classic song on the Bootcamp stage of X Factor, making it all… dramatic.

Imagine Barry Manilow starring in a musical and singing a song about letting someone (ie a fish) go. Feel his pain through the medium of song.

Whayyyyyyy di-idd you le-et itt go-ohhhhhh?

Because it bit my fin-inger so-oh!

The best way to explain it is if you listen to Barry’s mega hit “Mandy”, you know, when she came without taking (?)

Even the counting is dramatic! Like the Sesame Street Count after a few too many drinks!

Hot diggity dang I love listening to it!

That damn beautiful fish, biting his finger and forcing him to let it go, never to see each other again even though they were probably so damn right for each other and destined to be together for ever!

Oh why oh why did you let it go Stavros?! Its like an aquatic version of the airport scene from The Bodyguard!

I dread to think what the song would be like if he’d caught a dead fish. Or even worse, crabs.


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