Krishnan v Quentin


January 11, 2013 by kitcac

Quentin Tarantino had a bit of a timmy tantrum recently when being interviewed about his new, erm, something or other.

New movie? Maybe, I’m not sure because I didn’t watch the whole “commercial”. But people will be talking about it because he went off on one. He went off his box.

His timmy tantrum was directed at Krishnan Guru-Murthy who I once met at a petrol station in Devon. He was in a soft top car. We were on our way to Bantham Beach and Burgh Island, which would later become GMTV’s Inch Loss Island. At high tide, you have to get back from the pub on a trailer attached to a giant tractor. Krishnan Guru-Murthy gave us his autograph. He was on Newsround at the time. I know almost ALL the celebs y’know and I have mediocre stories for all of my encounters.

I have never come across Quentin Tarantino at a petrol station, but may do one day if he needs charcoal or an overpriced pasty.

Back to his commercial though…

My friend at work was telling me about it and explained that Quentin was really enraged and was pointing at Krishnan and then said something really strange. Apparently, he told Krishnan to “shut his bum”.

I can imagine overhearing a statement such as this being uttered by someone absolutely stocious drunk on Chorley Bus Interchange:

“You! Yeah you! You shut your bum!”

As it turns out, QT said no such thing. He actually said that he was shutting his butt down. Not sure what that means if I’m honest.  From now on though, I won’t be able to watch Pulp Fiction without substituting all the swearing for the phrase “shut your bum!”

Try it dear Reader, try it the next time you’re angry.

Shut your bum! It feels good!


One thought on “Krishnan v Quentin

  1. bobobobobob says:

    I’ve seen Burgh Island on an episode of Poirot. It was alright.

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