December 30, 2012 by kitcac

Do you have any isms, dear Reader?

As in, certain words that must be said or spoken in a precise way? Words that are to be spoken in a German accent, such as saying “vindy” instead of windy?

If you are called on the phone by a particular person, do you have to answer with “Cleopatra, comin’ atcha?”

And a place isn’t simply shut, its (in a Spanish accent this time) “close until Marrrrrrrrch”.

Someone asks for help when they’re doing a crossword, the answer is always “Starts with S, ends with S, what have you got SAMMIDGES”. Which, fyi, is Australian-ish for sandwiches.

And if someone mentions smoking (yuck) you are obligated to say “schmoke and a pancake” to which the correct response is “schigarette and a voffle”.

Nope? I guess its just me then.


One thought on “Isms

  1. deirdre says:

    Pipe and a crepe 😉

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