What Do I Want? Coffee!

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December 28, 2012 by kitcac

When do I want it? Now!

I just found myself standing in the hallway with my eyes closed and my head in my hands thinking “What the hell have I come out here for?”

Durrrrrr, coffee you idiot!

It was a relatively straightforward mystery to solve, especially as its the morning and The Morning = Coffee.

The second clue was “Seven days of JWop + Norovirus”. This also = Coffee.

Stavros probably needs more coffee than I do, but he doesn’t drink it (weirdo). He has spent several nights sleeping on JWop’s floor because he is a worrier. In fact, he is a Samurai Worrier.

JWop is actually quite perky when he’s not being dunked in the bath and sprayed liberally with Dettol. He got a ton of gifts for Christmas and there are many more still to come due to our self-imposed quarantine. Not many people have dared to enter the House of Hooks!

He was getting a ballpool with 400 balls in it, but there is no way I am getting that out just now. I can’t imagine how much coffee I would need to disinfect 400 plastic balls. I would probably end up burrowing under them until it all goes away.



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