When You See People In Pubs

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December 27, 2012 by kitcac

What do you do?

This was a question posed earlier today by Stavros.  I didn’t know that he was perusing facebook, some of which was photos of people in pubs.

I had a bit of a Stavros moment.  “What do I say when I see people in pubs?  I say hiya.”  I even did a limp wave with my wrist, to demonstrate me waving and saying hiya to this hypothetical person in a pub.

I was slightly confused by the question to be honest.  To me, it was very random.

Stavros looked equally confused by my reply.

Then he told me that he usually tries to figure out if he recognises the pub.  In the photo, that is.  On facebook, that is.

For the record, when I see people in pubs in photos on Facebook I do not wave at the screen and say hiya.


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