Extra Dirty Dancing Characters

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December 27, 2012 by kitcac

Does anyone else have names for some of the extras in Dirty Dancing?

The two older ladies at the end who have the fur shrugs that they throw on the floor, casting off their fuddy duddy images.  To me, they are “Marge’s Sisters” named in honour of Marge Simpson’s sisters, but could also be long lost older sisters of Marge Houseman, Baby’s mum.  I like to think that maybe there’s an unwritten sequel/prequel to DD somewhere, where Marge meets Marge’s Sisters and some dancing shizzle happens, but by their younger selves.

After all, Baby gets it from her mother.

There’s “Spanish Couple”.  She has long dark hair and wear a black and red skirt most of the time.  Her fella swirls it around and flicks it up on the main floor for the love of God!  I think that she started out doing flamenco but was kicked out of Spain for some dance-related scandal.

Then there’s “Cool Dude” who wears a hat and sunglasses at the staff quarters dancing shenanigans.  He is so cool he has to wear sunglasses indoors at night, even though it rains for 80% of the film.

And the best extra of all time is “Judith”.  She has moves all of her own.  If I could do a video of myself doing Judith’s moves without revealing my identity to all you internet weirdoes, then you would recognise her immediately just from The Moves.

She does a dip with her knees wide apart (hussy) and does this (swish swish) thing with her hair that I have just demonstrated to Stavros.  He just yawned and said “I dunno what that is”.  He is not a fan.

The hair thing is a big movement whooshing her hair out of her face and then she rubs her neck.  She looks a bit tarty if I’m honest.  At the final dance, when they are all moving towards the stage in readiness for the lift, she is to the right of Johnny, just in front of Penny.  That’s our Judith.

She’s the best.


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