Three Hotels

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December 27, 2012 by kitcac

What does Neil Kellerman have that Jamie the lifeguard doesn’t?

Three hotels.  Barf!

I really don’t understand why Baby in Dirty Dancing tolerates that Neil bloke for ten minutes, let alone three quarters of the film.

He is disparaging about “the dance people” for no reason whatsoever, he gets her sawn in half by a bad magician, he uses his position as the boss’s nephew to lord it over everyone and raid the restaurant fridges (not very hygienic), he does really bad dance moves and is generally a smug and smarmy-faced cretin.  I hope that Jamie the lifeguard tracks him down and kicks his ass.

Why does Baby bother with him?

She is supposed to be a caring stand-up type of person who is going to join the Peace Corps.  You’d think that she’d tell him to “Do one”.  Or at least she could make an excuse that she’s busy doing that kangaroo game that they do at Kellermans.

I wouldn’t mind going to a holiday camp where they do the kangaroo thing on the lawn, but it would have to be visible from a bar.

Disclaimer:  You have to have watched Dirty Dancing a lot to understand this post.


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