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December 17, 2012 by kitcac

Dear Reader, do you have “funny ways” about your cups? When I say cups, I am not referring to them in the American sense, as I think that those cups are for holding/protecting googlies.

I have funny ways.

I have an order of cups. Woe betide anyone making a brew in a “low rank cup” in my house when there are superior category cups available.

There are the Special Cups, which have there own order within the category. These are the dominant cups. They are to be used above any other category of cup (Everyday Cup followed by Brew-tastes-weird-so-only-use-if-no-other-clean-cups cups). The Special Cups are mine and are only to be used by me.

Special Cups:

1.  The I During the tour, she ran over a piglet on a bike. She was on the bike, not the piglet. This cup is the first cup I use in the morning. Its very good for cawfee (that was my NY accent).

2.  The Dutch Memory Game Cup.  The name of this cup is a little misleading. When we were younger, Deirdre and I played a memory game with our grandparents at their house. It had really vivid pictures on the cards, like red Dutch phone boxes and brightly coloured buttons and Hagelslag, which is a sugary sprinkle for on toast.  I was with my mum and Deirdre in a shop in Stoke last year when I saw the cup and I called them over to look at it. The three of us said, almost in unison “Its the Dutch memory game!” even though the pictures onthe mug are of children’s shoes, which I don’t think even featured in the game.

Its so strange how looking at that cup, I think of games from over two decades ago with people that I love. Deirdre would always win.  The game is now on a shelf in her old bedroom, but I am looking forward to having a chance to play it with JWop and Deirdre in a few years time. Maybe he’ll even beat her.

I have only had that cup for a year but its already a medallist in the Cup Olympics. Just because when I’m drinking from it, I am ten years old again, eating Hagelslag on brown toast before a rollerskating session.

3.  The Dirty Dancing Cup. Need I say more?

Actually, I will. Its my “work cup”. Lots of offices have cup wars were YOU DO NOT USE SOMEONE ELSE’S CUP! I’ve heard that some offices have glass wars, but how do you tell one glass from another? Weirdos.

Anyway, I’m on maternity leave so I brought my Dirty Dancing cup home on my last day. I also took it with me when I went back into work for a meeting, drank a brew, rinsed it and popped it in my handbag to bring home with me. Yes, weirdo.

4. The Jared Leto Cup.

Oh Jordan Catalano on a cup! With a six pack! Saying “hands off” on it! What better cup is there (apart from the three cups I just mentioned in great detail)?

Before we got a TV licence at the House of Hooks (to save on a £12 monthly licence fee, which resulted in us not having TV but having a baby instead), I watched every episode of My So Called Life on DVD. I was drooling. I was also quite embarrassed because I saw a lot of myself in Angela Chase. And I was also a bit weirded out that there were so many ghosts in it! How did I not remember all the ghosts?!

Stavros laughed at me when I squealed uncontrollably as I watched the episode when Jordan only goes and HOLDS ANGELA’S HAND IN THE SCHOOL CORRIDOR!  They’re frickin’ holding hands!That’s all she wanted Jordan! She didn’t want to just snog you in the school basement, you big cool dude, she wanted everyone to KNOW that you guys were snogging in the school basement! Heck Jordan, you’re so hot and dumb! What a guy!

When I was pregnant, I needed to sleep with a pillow between my knees (bear with me, this is relevant). The pillow was called Jared Leto. Stavros would ask if I needed him to pass Jared Leto to me, or in the morning I’d say “I don’t know how Jared Leto got onto your side of the bed”. And we would always refer to the pillow with his full name. It was never just Jared. Always “Jared Leto”. I think he’s currently under the bed.

I really wanted to name the baby Jared Leto too, but Stavros drew the line at that. DVDs, cups, pillows and the baby?!  Too far, way too far.

I do have some funny ways.


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