Who Is Kristen Stewart?


December 8, 2012 by kitcac

An advertisement just came on TV for Snow White and The Huntsmen. I piped up “Oh, that’s got that naughty Kristen Stewart in.”

Stavros replied “Who?  The one who used to read the news on Channel 5?”

“Er, no.  That was Kirsty Young!  I was on about KRISTEN Stewart”

Stavros thought for a while and you could see the hamster going round on its wheel in his head.  “Oh, right.  You mean that one out of Robin Hood?”

It took me a moment to work out what he meant.  My brain-hamster was trotting around for a little bit and eventually the cogs clicked into place and I realised who he meant.

“Er, no Stavros.  That was Christian Slater!”

He is still none the wiser about who Kristen Stewart actually is.

I could probably spend an hour explaining to him about Twilight and Robert Whatshisname and how she looks so pale all the time, but that would be a lot of hard work.

Its probably easier to let him think that its that newsreader who hangs around in Sherwood Forest.


2 thoughts on “Who Is Kristen Stewart?

  1. Sarah says:

    What is the British take on that movie (Prince of Thieves)? I always LOVED it as a kid, but I kind of couldn’t get past Kevin Costner’s American accent. Like, he doesn’t even try. At least Christian Slater goes in and out of his fake British accent. I guess K. Costner gets to make his own rules. He does what he wants!

    • kitcac says:

      It wasn’t something I noticed when I was younger, but I did watch it recently and it got on my nerves. Morgan Freeman did an exotic accent but KC was downright lazy!

      And how on earth was I not traumatised when I first watched it? Whats with the guy who had sown up eyes?!

      Bryan Adams was at number 1 in the charts here for sixteen weeks! Oh em gee.

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