Dogs On His Vest, Yeah!

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December 7, 2012 by kitcac

I’ve been singing a song this morning in a very gruff voice. I wasn’t sure why the gruff voice was necessary but it just felt like I should be singing in a rough, manly, tough sort of way.

The lyrics go like this:

He’s got dogs on his vest, yeah!

And a giraffe on his tee shirt.

He’s got bogies in his nose, yeah!

And a giraffe on his tee shirt!

I’ve been singing it and trying to figure out the gruff thing (which is particularly gruff on the yeah bits) and the tune is one that I know but couldn’t quite place it.

And then I hummed it without my lyrics.  And then I realised.  Oh dear. How very inappropriate.

It appears that I have re-invented the theme tune to Team America: World Police which has some very bad words in it.

They are unrepeatable words.  But if you sing about dogs and giraffes instead its actually a rockin’ tune!


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