Won’t You Tell Me How To Get


November 27, 2012 by kitcac

How to get to Sesame Street?

JWop has a Kermit.  “Hey JWop!  Hey Kermy!”  That’s how they talk to each other.

You all know that they don’t really talk to each other (except at night, she whispers, when they come alive and say the alphabet and do dances).  Obviously.

Nah, when Jwop speaks, that’s actually me throwing my voice.  And when Kermit speaks, yep, you guessed it.  That’s me too.

Their conversations were getting a bit dull and I thought that they needed to say something other than “Hey!” to each other.  So they started talking about where they live.

JWop explained to Kermit about Chorley and all of its wonders.  He explained that Chorley is a town in Lancashire.  Chorley has a market and a park.  It also has the bus interchange and a swingers club.

Kermit learned all there was to know about Chorley from JWop.  It was quite exhilarating for him, I could tell just by looking at him.  He stared at JWop open-mouthed for the entire time that JWop (aka me) was talking about Chorley.  His eyes were fixed on him.  He didn’t blink, not even once.

Then it was Kermit’s turn to tell JWop all about where he comes from.

When Kermit speaks, I jiggle him from side to side a little, even though people (and arguably frogs) don’t talk like that.  I don’t jiggle JWop when he talks because he is quite heavy and I get rather tired.  I also have sciatica due to an incident dancing to Gangnam Style with a teenaged boy and this can mean it sometimes hurts to move, which includes baby-jiggling.

So in a nutshell there is no baby-jiggling.  But there is Kermit-jiggling.

So Kermit introduced himself to JWop for the millionth time and then went on to explain that he lived on Sesame Street.  And that was it.

My mind went totally blank.  I used to be addicted to Sesame Street but I could recall not a jot of information about it’s geographical location.  I watched it an awful lot when I was a kid, so much so that I used to say that the last letter of the alphabet was “zee” and not “zed”, y’all!

But where the fudge is Sesame Street?!

The natural thing to do was to look for Sesame Street on Google Maps.

It turns out that there isn’t really a place called Sesame Street but it is FICTIONAL!  It is however meant to be set in New York.

In finalising my research into parallels between Chorley and Sesame Street, I can confirm that Sesame Street has a shop, a garden, a laundromat, a subway station but it does not have a swingers club.


2 thoughts on “Won’t You Tell Me How To Get

  1. Sarah says:

    Yup, definitely in NYC, but I’m not sure which borough it’s supposed to be. It was always my dream to live on Sesame Street when I was little. The closest I ever came was when I lived in Astoria, Queens and was temping for a while at Lifetime Television and saw Bob from Sesame Street walk down the hallway!!! And he smiled at me! I almost died. And then I figured if they film it in Astoria and I lived in Astoria, well that’s pretty darn close to living on Sesame Street. (I’m still in love with Sesame. I wish W liked it more.)

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