He Has Delicate Fingers

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November 27, 2012 by kitcac

We went round to my inlaws for tea recently.  Twas delicious.

After tea, talk turned to the size of JWop’s hands and feet.  They are massive.  He could knock you out.

Then as inevitably happens when men talk about stuff, Stavros and his dad started comparing the size of their…. hands. Phew!

Apparently, Stavros has big meaty hands like his grandad and that is probably who JWop gets his masculine (aka big fat wide) hands from.

Stavros’ dad on the other hand (haha, good pun!) said that his were “pianist’s hands”.  I am very childish and I’d had a glass of red wine so I did a laugh like a teenage boy and said “huh huh, penis hands!”

I am a grown woman!  Why would I announce that my father in law has “penis hands!”

Hmmm, probably for the same reason that Stavros laughed at the penis hands thing and announced, nay squealed, that his dad has “finger winkies!”

There was a baby in the room but we were by far the most childish.


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