When Will I Be Famous? Eh? When?

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November 23, 2012 by kitcac

Rylan on’t X Factor sang a mash-up of various songs which included ohohohohoh BROS!  Imagine me saying the ohohohohoh bit and that’s what I did when I heard it.  It was quite high pitched.

When will I, will I, be fay-ay-mous?!

I can’t answer that.  If I could, I would.  I really would tell you, my dearest Matt, Luke and Craig.

I kind of think that they were famous, but I’m not certain enough to talk about Bros in public.  Its still too shameful.  I can talk/type about it here and maybe the once on facebook to a fellow Brosette, but I would not feel comfortable talking about it in actual social circles.  Its so dirrrrrrrty.

Oh but Bros!  How I loved thee!

I loved Matt best of all, but then again he was the twin of Luke, so surely I should love him too?  No, Luke did not hold a place in my heart.  Not even a tiny little ventricle pump.

I would like to go out for a beer with Craig, mainly because I don’t know effing jeff about him because he did not appear in the Bros Annuals in my collection.

At the folks’ house this week, I came across my Bros Annual from 1990.  Twas epic.

This is the front cover (control yourselves):

bros annual 1990

I almost cried hysterical tears as I turned each page, to be confronted by my idols.  Oh Matt Weston Goss, how I loved thee! Oh Luke Damon Goss, how I loved your twin!  Oh Craig Logan (middle name unknown), how I loved your band-mate (Matt not Luke)!

Bros did an interview in the 1990 annual.  I am filled with hope by their replies.  Because I loved them and I hope that they are still rocking the ripped denim.  Oh how I dream of Bros!

They were asked about their plans for the future and they replied saying “we are here and we’re also here to stay”.  Phew!

Then the biggie: they were asked “What about the way Bros look?  Will we see a drastic change in your appearance?”

Hmmm, I wonder.  I wonder.

Apparently, Matt considered this for a while and then responded with “Looks-wise I can’t see us changing too much…. Our hair is going to remain the same… We won’t be changing our clothes or the way we look that much either”.

Righto lads, whatever you say!  I will always love you.

But just for those unfamiliar with Bros and how they looked then (and presumably still look now), here’s a few snaps from their annual.  Oh how I love you Bros!

Here’s Matt Weston Goss:

Matt Goss Clothes

I think that you’ll agree that it is a lovely floral/spotty shirt and I truly hope he is still wearing it in 2012.

Then there’s Luke Damon Goss:

luke goss nice pants

What a nice pair of pants.  I have no further words for these pants.

I think that perhaps my favourite part of the Bros Annual is the quiz to see how much of a Brosette you are.  Take into account that although I was a big fan, I didn’t get to the stage of finding out where they live, camping outside their house and then…. stealing part of their garden fence.  I know someone who did that.  For reals.

How does someone find out the address of a celebrity in the 1990s without the internet?  Its so creepy!

Anyway, back to the quiz.  I’ll just ask the one question and I’m sure that you’ll pass with flying colours.

Question 5

You get a job as Bros’ press officer.  A journalist is writing a history of the group for some snoot magazine.  She rings up and asks “Why did Bros call their first LP Push?”

What do you tell her?

a)  Because Push was one of their favourite words when recording the LP.  If things were going well they’d say “Man that’s really pushing it.  That’s push

b)  Because someone at their record company told them that if the record wasn’t any good Bros would get the push from the label.

c)  Because when they went to the photo studio to do the LP’s cover, there were four gigantic, blue, polystyrene letters P-U-S-H lying round from another photo session and the three of them thought that they looked wicked

So that you can sleep at night, I can confirm that the answer is A.  That is push, man.

PS I love you Matt.  And I think you’re probably quite nice, Luke.  And I wish I knew more about you Craig.

Lots of love, Kitcac. xxx


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