Need Any Shopping, Love?

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November 23, 2012 by kitcac

Stavros had kindly got wine on the way home, which he had not necessarily matched with this evening’s menu.  As if!

I need wine, I don’t care if it goes with butternut squash curry or not!  What a waste of time all that is!  Do people do that?!  Waste precious wine drinking time trying to complement a curry!  As if!

After the curry, we decided that pudding was the future, so he went out to the shops to grab some pudding.  “Something with berries in it” was my request.  I doubt very much whether I’ll get anything that isn’t chocolate sponge pudding.  Tis his fave.

But before he set off we planned tomorrow’s brunch.  Oh em gee we are so posh.  Basically I am having some wine tonight (oh the typos in this post that I have had to correct before publication, it is shameful).  This means that I won’t be surfacing at breakfast time.  So we’ll be brunching, dahling.

I mentioned that we needed eggs.  He said that he thought we had eggs.  No dear, we used the eggs when I made that omelette.

“What omelette?” Stavros enquired.

“That magnificent omelette with chorizo and all sorts of shizzle in it dahling” I replied.

“Still not sure what omelette you mean” he pressed further.

“The magnificent omelette”, I hissed.

Do you like all my fancy Enid Blyton style words, dear reader?  I have reclaimed some of my Enid Blyton books from the folks’ house.  More on that another time.

Anyhoo, I had been so proud of the Magnificent Omelette (the Magnifomelette) that I photographed it.

How could anyone forget eating this:



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