Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

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November 16, 2012 by kitcac

The double glazing salesman came round again yesterday.  I’m in two minds whether to mention his unsolicited visit when I write back to them because he was only 50% of the problem.

Ho hum, I’ll give my head a scratch and compose something suitably polite to them when I get a minute.

In the meantime, all this 1950s shizzle has rubbed off on me slightly.  I stopped in my tracks tonight having realised that I had just said to Stavros that he should:

“Sit down, take off your shoes and I’ll get you a beer”.

What is all that about?  Next thing you know, I might be figuring out how to use the iron!  It’ll be like watching Link in California Man!

PS: The film California Man (where the stone age meets the rock age) was released in the USA as “Encino Man”, which if you ask me is a rubbish title.

PPS:  Stavros knows almost all of the words to California Man, which is a rubbish film to know all the words to.


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