Pot Dogs, A Must For Any Mansion

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November 15, 2012 by kitcac

I came across these badboys on a facebook page where people sell, buy, swap or give things away for free.  Amazingly, they are not being given away for free.


They are described as a beautiful pair of pottery dogs, each with a hare in its mouth.

I think that you’ll agree that they are just lovely.

If they were on the BBC’s daytime antique-fest with question mark on the end of it to add even more fun as if the selling of antiques wasn’t wacky enough (you guessed it, its Flog It!), that nice man who hosts Flog It! (the chap who really really likes things that are made of wood) would say that they are “honest” or some such meaningless phrase.

I would hazard a guess that he would estimate them as being worth £80 to £120 at auction.  If you watch ANY antique show on daytime TV, at least 75% of the items are given this valuation range.

It is not difficult at all to be a daytime TV antiques expert.  You could sit there blindfolded with the volume turned off and write down your guess of “£80 to £120” and you would be correct most of the time.

The lady who is selling the pair of dogs has said that “many of you know how much these sell for, I am asking for £100, but they are worth double that”.  I think that perhaps she is overestimating the antique-spotting abilities of her fellow facebook swappers and sellers, as many of them are selling things like ugly wicker furniture and, erm, how shall I say, erm, ladies’ “bedtime items”.  So its not exactly the marketplace for discerning people buying antique pottery.

Personally, I am neither here nor there when it comes to having an opinion on hunting memorabilia, but I am thinking that dogs with rabbits/hares in their mouths might not be too attractive to future buyers.  Its all about resale value in this game!

I am currently waiting to hear from the seller as to whether she has any other dogs holding different animals.  I have asked in particular if she has any with a smaller breed of dog or perhaps a baby panda in its mouth.

I hope to be re-selling these items on ebay very soon for a tidy profit.


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