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November 10, 2012 by kitcac

I got a friend request from a complete stranger on Facebook, so naturally I had a snoop on his page.

Oh sweet baby Jesus, it was spelling mistakes agogo!

Imagine spelling everything with a broad Chorley accent. Aha, that’s my new friend.

After careful consideration, I decided not to accept the friend request because reading this guy’s updates would make my skin itch.

I wouldn’t be able to control myself and I would probably develop a nervous tic.  I might even swear a little bit.  Eventually all that spelling-mistake-rage would spill out and it would be like that scene from Ghostbusters when the streets of New York are filled with gloop. And this poor unsuspecting stranger would be ripped to shreds (on Facebook only, of course) in the process.

You might think I’m overreacting but see if you could resist not commenting on this:

“Deverstated is not the word, so gutted!”

It would be physically impossible for me not to comment on that because deverstated is not a word.  I fear that I would destroy him.


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