I Got Some New Pants

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November 10, 2012 by kitcac

You’ll never guess what they’re called.

Just to explain, when I say pants, I mean trousers.  My Australian family mean knickers when they say pants.  I didn’t get any new knickers.

I told Stavros that my chum Benno had recommended some jeggings from a particular shop, they looked good on her and to be fair they would make a change from me wearing pyjama bottoms.

“What are they again?” he asked

“They are jeans crossed with leggings”, I explained.

No more was said about it.  I went out and bought some in a few different colours.  Tried them on.

Showed Stavros.

Weird reply.

I expected him to give his usual response which is “they look fine” or “they look nice”.  Nah, nothing like that.  It was weird.

“Oh, are they your new Chegwins?”

I momentarily lost the use of my legs.  I couldn’t feel my face.  I was ROFLing.

Yes, my sweet innocent husband thought that my “jeans crossed with leggings aka jeggings” were called Chegwins.  As in pants named after Keith Chegwin.

I can’t even imagine what pants named after Keith Chegwin would look like, but deep down in my soul, I know that those would be some epic pants.


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