November 10, 2012 by kitcac

I am all for people saving stuff from going in landfill by passing it on to someone who needs or wants it, but for the love of all that is holy, some people on the Freecycle website have a bare faced cheek!

If you want something, be realistic!  Don’t be all grabby and ask for luxury items.

I have seen some mind-boggling offers and requests.

Someone in Euxton was giving away “one Ikea wooden trestle table leg”.  Why would anyone want one table leg?  What happened to the rest of the table?

I saw an American freecycler asking to harvest olives.  The request was “I would like to pick olives from your tree.  Prefer the larger olives, green or black acceptable.”  I am glad that there wasn’t any discrimination about what colour of olives they wanted to get FOR FREE!

My interest was piqued when I saw someone asking for “Shirley Valentine on DVD (or VHS)”.

I admit I was more interested in why it also said “the moderator has removed the explanation why this item is requested”.  What on earth could be the reason that they want Shirley Valentine on DVD (or VHS) but we can’t be told?  Its so mysterious!

Someone also recently posted a request for “Bamboo shoots wanted”.  I hope with all my heart that that person has a pet panda in their bathtub that they need to fatten up, with a view to engaging it in a successful breeding program and saving the species from extinction.

A worrying sign of how the current economic climate is affecting us all was this request:

Wanted:  Clean, new chicken feathers.

Description:  I need enough to make two standard bed pillows, maybe about three big bags full.  Duck feathers might work, but I will need to mix them with chicken.  Thanks.

Yuck yuck yuck!  Surely people can afford to buy new pillows rather than having to ask strangers on the internet for bird feathers to make their own?!  I have just sicked in my mouth at the thought of it.  Oh the smell!

If I needed a new pillow and I was so impoverished that I felt the need to make my own pillow, I would probably call my broadband company and cancel the internet for a month to get some extra money, rather than using said internet to get bird feathers from strangers.  Oh the smell!  The smell!

The fake stories behind some of the Freecycle requests are Oscar-worthy.

Today, a lady from Leyland calling herself Alison provided an X Factor style sob story to try to bag herself a new TV.  Not just any TV though.  Here’s her request (the spelling errors are hers, not mine):

Wanted: Plasma 3D TV

Description:  My dog recently had an accident and it would be great for him to lay in his bed and watch his favorate program “Dog Borstal”.  Any condition will do.  Please help.

That poor dog, unable to watch his favourite TV show in 3D!

Obviously, my heart went out to that poor dog, so John Howard emailed Alison to ask how the dog is feeling.

Hi,  I saw your request on freecycle for a 3D Plasma TV.
I hope that your dog is feeling better after his accident.  My dog had an accident the other day, but a different sort.  He did a wee in the utility room and I stood in it in my bare feet.
I just wondered what sort of dog you have as I have a 3D plasma TV, but the 3D glasses are quite big.  They would probably fit a wide faced dog like an alsatian, but not a dog with a more narrow face like a lurcher.
Let me know.  Thanks.

3 thoughts on “

  1. short grain says:

    The “wanted” ads did lead me to waste a lot of lunch times one you introduced me to Freecycle (and will probably waste the next week now you have reminded me). Two things always strike me:-

    1) Do the people requesting £1000’s worth of gadgets honestly think someone will provide them for free or are they posting the ads to troll (or on a dare).

    2) Why doesn’t freecycle have a follow up facility to find out if the genuine requestors get what they want? I want to know if the olive requestor got black or green olives.

  2. Short Grain says:

    Told you I’d waste time – this has to be my favourite thus far. This person obviously thinks it is a shopping wish list.

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