Single White Female


November 9, 2012 by kitcac

How many of us find a kindred spirit on the internet?  Oh lordy, I am going to sound so creepy to my pal The Odd Broad if she reads that.

OB first came to my attention in 2008 just before Stavros and I got married.

I had bought my wedding dress (brand new with tags, woohoo) on Ebay at a bargain price and despite not actually being fussed what I looked like on the day, I had a meltdown nine weeks before the wedding and needed to see it on someone. I needed to see another person in it.

I could see it on me in my own mirror of course, but it was like that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine tries on a dress in a shop and she doesn’t trust the mirror in the changing room so she pegs it down the street in the dress to find a different mirror, one that won’t trick her.

This is why I don’t try things on in shops.  Its all trickery.  Plus I can’t be arsed undoing my shoes a lot of the time, especially since the Gangnam Style incident which has left me physically impaired.

But enough of my problems.  Back to The Odd Broad.

I googled the name of the wedding dress and eventually came across her blog, The Odd Broad.  OB blogged about the time she tried on the wedding dress in a posh shop wanting to buy it cheaper elsewhere (atta girl!) but the plan was to have a code word to get out of the shop without buying it.  Unfortunately, OB loved the dress and was way too positive and it ended up that her mum said something rather shocking in order to get her out of there.  The shop lady was agog.  It was all very funny.

Here’s a link to it.

You’ll really love her blog.

Looking back, if you had received the email from me that I sent to her, you would probably have called the police because it was potentially a bit weird.  It was something like “can you send me a picture of you in your wedding dress, even though I don’t know you”.

But The Odd Broad has a good heart and has taken me on board as her strange British cyberpal.  She didn’t send me the photo – who can blame her!  I was going through a Bridezilla thing and looking back I am embarrassed but very glad that I emailed her.

I was hooked on her blog from the moment I read about the Pamela dress and four whole years later (wowee!) I have turned into a nice (and hopefully not too creepy) single white female sort.

I find parallels in our lives and think “oh god, I can’t possibly blog about this because OB will think I am a stalker!”

The owl thing is a major one.  I have a growing number of owls in my house (not real ones… not yet) and she has owls all over the show too.

This could be awkward, but I do try to warn her in advance of any single white female situations that arise and usually say something along the lines of “oh no, I’ve got a suchathing and now I have just read that you do too and this is too weird, please don’t report me to the po-po”.

So far, she hasn’t reported me to the po-po (as far as I am aware).

I was pleased as punch today to read that she has been shortlisted for an award for blogs by Moms (she is American and a jolly good one too.  And she makes food from pumpkin – imagine that?! Why do us Brits not make food from pumpkins?  I digress).

As I type, she is third in the poll.  Whoop whoop, bronze already!  Not actually sure if there is a medal system, but still, that’s bladdy good going to be third out of the whole of the interweb.

If you would like to vote for my dear cyberpal The Odd Broad then that would be jolly hockey sticks all round and apparently you can do it daily, so feel free to pop back to it and vote again.

Here’s the linkyloo for you to click on, obviously click on the Odd Broad when you get to the list of bloggers. Its not hard.

Her blog is one of my favourite reads and you might just feel the same.

I think she deserves a vote just for not replying to my weird first email with the eff word.


2 thoughts on “Single White Female

  1. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much for the support, pal! This post really makes me smile. It’s so funny how we became cyber friends because I can be so paranoid about “strangers” but something about you told me you were A-Okay! (Must’ve been the British accent that I read the email in.) I think maybe I sent you a picture of a model wearing the dress?! LOL! Pamela is now resting in my closet. Many days I dream about trying her on, but I think I’m afraid my post-baby muffin top might prevent this. Such a gorgeous dress! Pamela!

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